The Grey-Headed Flying Fox

Most of the flying foxes took no notice, but some peered curiously down at him. He saw their soft grey heads, red chests, and glistening black eyes. He thought they looked expectant rather than concerned.

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Max likes it when the grey-headed flying foxes take up residence in his local park in regional Victoria. But when someone he thought of as a friend throws his favourite pair of cricket shoes right into the middle of a tree full of them, he starts to wonder if he has the guts to go up there and get them back.

While considering what to do, Max thinks about his troubled relationship with his mum, a girl he has a crush on called Jenny, and why this particular tree is ominously called the ‘Widow Maker’.

The Grey-Headed Flying Fox is a tragicomic story about one boy’s struggle to understand the relationships with those closest to him, and the most important and dangerous tree climb of his life.

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