The Dumb Cell

‘Oh, I’m not the Devil. Though God knows I’ve been called a devil many times before,’ he says. ‘You know how I know, boy?’


‘Because I’ve seen the Devil. And he aint nothing like me. He aint nothing like any of us.

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Back in the early days of the European settlement of Australia, one of the worst things that could happen is to get sent to the penal colony of Port Arthur. And even worse than that was to get sent to the dumb cell. An isolation room that is pitch black and deathly quiet.

That’s where we find William, who struggles to maintain his sanity as he is taunted by an angry voice that calls itself Jeffers.

William’s only solace is the brief walks he gets out in the yard at night, and the conversations he has with a young soldier called Robert Young. But it transpires that Robert may have a dark secret of his own…

Based on the stories of real people who inhabited Port Arthur, this is a ghost story classically told, with a twist.

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