The Learmonth Monarch

If there was one thing that Alyssa had learned from her boyfriend it was that conservation, contrary to popular belief, was not solely about the preservation of things. Frequently, in fact, it relied on killing a large quantity of creatures… Nothing that could be classified as ‘introduced’ was safe.

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Being Mary Poppins must have been hard. But Alyssa knows that when the children you are looking after are aliens you’ve just found in the Australian outback, and you’re a prisoner on a military base, Mrs Poppins had it easy.

Things go from bad to worse when one of the aliens in question changes from something more adorable than a baby wombat, a baby panda and a baby koala all rolled into one, into something so grotesque it’s vomit-inducing. After all, what chance did intergalactic illegal aliens have if they didn’t even look cute anymore?

Alyssa will need to use everything at her disposal to get them off the base before the Prime Minister’s plane arrives and they are all eradicated like pests.

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