The Raven – Spotify Playlist

As explained in my introductory article on the topic, I’m not averse to listening to a little music while reading. And as I’m also not above enabling you to partake in this diabolical habit with me, I’ll be creating a unique Spotify playlist for each text in the Australian Beasts collection.

See below my playlist for The Raven, or click here to listen to the playlist in Spotify.

As it probably won’t take you too long to read the story I’ve kept the playlist pretty short, and it’s predominantly instrumental so as not to be too obtrusive (with the exception of a Radiohead song, which I couldn’t help adding as it suited the dark, moody feel of the story so well).

I have put these tracks in my preferred order but, as it’s impossible to time the songs to match up with various incidents in the text, you’re obviously free to listen to it in any order you like.


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