The Yara-ma-yha-who – Beast Unleashed!

Yep, it’s taken a little time, but it’s finally here! Check out the second story as part of my Australian Beasts collection, now available via your Amazon Kindle app/device for the cheapest possible price depending on the country you’re in (99 cents, 99 pence, or a mere 49 rupees if you’re in India!).

Even better than that, you can get it for free if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

Set in Western Australia, I’ve gone for a classic gothic ’round the campfire’ sort of vibe with this one, and chucked a bit of magic realism into the mix for good measure. I had a bit of fun when I was writing it and, weighing in at a mere 29(ish) pages, it shouldn’t take too long for you to get through.

I hope you like it and, as usual, don’t forget to leave a review!

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